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Why You Must Have a Website

In the modern, competitive world we’re now living in, an online presence is a must for all businesses. Even shopfronts need an online presence as people will usually look online before venturing out to find you.

For service based businesses, people will be looking for you online, therefore you need an online presence for them to find you. Relying on social media is temporary because it’s such a fleeting tool. People will see you and even engage with your posts, but as soon as they scroll, they’ve forgotten about you. A website presence means you are there when someone is looking for you on Google and other search engines.

A well designed, professionally branded, conversion based website:


  • Builds trust with your audience
  • Is a strong marketing tool for generating new leads and sales.
  • Is available 24/7 – when you’re not
  • Sets you apart from your competition
  • Fully branded to your business unlike social media accounts

Why Do You Recommend WordPress?

 WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world with approximately 43% of the world’s websites running on WordPress. It is the most flexible of all the platforms and is capable of creating almost any type of website. WordPress is capable of running both service based and ecommerce based websites with the ability to add many features using plugins. In the past, the maintenance and ongoing management of WordPress has been known to be complex, however, the addition of page builders and a cleaner interface, WordPress is now considered an easy platform to use and manage.

What If I Already Have a Website?

If you already have a website, that’s fantastic! What we can do is help you manage your website on a monthly basis to take the load off your shoulders. We can also offer ad-hoc website services as you need, because we all know a website is an evergreen project that is constantly evolving. You may be looking at your website thinking it’s a bit old or doesn’t relfect your business or brand anymore. That’s ok. We can offer a website review with a view to give you suggestions on how you can improve your website. Services can include a partial redesign or full website rebuild. Contact us for more details.

Website Design Packages

Service-Based Business Website

A service-based business website is perfect for businesses that don’t sell online, but generate leads through an informational site or through promoting services. Your new website will be branded to your business, uniquely designed and feature integrations to help you convert visitors to potential clients.

Prices start from $2200

eCommerce Website

Perfect for businesses who sell online, an ecommerce website gives the shop, cart and account functionality that is needed to sell your goods online. Your new website will be branded to your business, uniquely designed and engineered to sell. All websites are built with the user experience in mind and are designed for functionality.

Prices start from $2750

Website Redesign

This package is designed for the business owners who already have a website presence, but the website is tired, no longer converting or no longer an accurate representation of your business. Just like fashion or cars, websites date and become unserviceable to what we need or no longer suited to modern ways.

Website Management Packages

Basic Website Management

Simple, convenient, no stress website management designed to ease the pressure of website updates, security checks and performance issues on WordPress websites.

$59 per month – no lock in contract.

Website Management + More

For those who want the added benefit of an hour of website time with your basic website management package. Think of this package as an insurance policy for your website. If something goes wrong, you will have the benefit of 1 x technical fix per month or 1 hour of time allocated to your website should you need any edits completed. (Hours can be banked for up to 2 consecutive months).

$145 per month – no lock in contract

Website Management + VA

For those who need website assistance with the added bonus of a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Reception team. Your website management will be taken care of and your VA and VR team will manage all admin and reception tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What website services do you offer?

We’re excited to offer a range of website services including:

  • Full website design
  • Website rebrand or redesign
  • Website management
  • Ongoing support

Scroll down the page to see our full services and packages.

What website platform do you use?

We use the WordPress platform for our website designs. We can also engage in ongoing management of your existing WordPress website.

How long does a new website build typically take?

Generally speaking, a full website build can take between 4 – 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the site, size of the site and how quickly content is received. 

The timeframe is based on the build time and subject to availability.

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