A Virtual Receptionist (VR) is set up to answer your incoming calls in your company name, make outbound calls, answer FAQs, schedule appointments, cancel and reschedule appointments as well as basic administrative tasks. 

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

 A Virtual Receptionist is an offsite receptionist who works in their own office (usually home). They act as part of your team and learn all about your business. staff and services so that each call is taken and handled with confidence. knowledge and professionalism.

They are able to answer calls in your company name. answer FAQs. provide quotes. transfer calls to your team and schedule appointments by using your online calendar.

Additionally, a Virtual Receptionist can also make outbound calls on your behalf. announcing that they are from your business name, calling clients back. returning voicemail messages and confirming appointments.

Why You Need a VR?


  • You are missing calls from potential clients because you are on the job. By the time you call them back. they have already found another service provider to help them.
  • You are not giving your clients VIP treatment because your phone constantly rings when you are servicing them. You receive many calls but it is time-consuming to answer the same questions over and over or to schedule appointments.
  • You need a practice manager to take calls and do the admin for your allied health clinic.
  • You need calls taken and appointments booked but can’t afford to put a full-time receptionist on at this stage in your business.
  • You have realized that your receptionist has a high downtime during their shift and you are paying them to take only a few calls a day.
  • You need someone to take calls only when you can’t.

What Do You Get?


  • Your own inbound number (DID) to transfer your lines to A personalized welcome message when callers enter your line
  • The perception to your clients that you are bigger than you may be
  • Unique, personalised after-hours voicemail message
  • Voicemail to email options
  • Full-time receptionist and practice manager from 8am – spm Monday to Friday AEST
  • All messages are sent via email or SMS to the appropriate team member Appointment scheduling on your online calendar
  • Appointment confirmations Appointment cancellations and reschedules
  • Monthly or weekly billing – your choice
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Receptionists who treat your business as they would their own



For clients who simply need their calls answered and messages taken and sent through to team members. We are also able to answer some general FAQs for your callers.


For clients looking for more than just message taking. We can take messages, make bookings directly into your booking system, reschedule, wait lists, answer FAQs, etc. Basically, look after your scheduling and all inbound and outbound calls.


This is the ultimate in support services. We not only do messages and scheduling as we do in the Message Taking and Bronze and Silver packages, but we also offer a full Administrative and email management service in conjunction with Reception Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Receptionist (VR)?

A VR is set up to answer your incoming calls in your company name, make outbound calls, answer FAQs, schedule appointments, cancel and reschedule appointments as well as basic administrative tasks. We are a live reception service.

How does a VR service work?

You simply supply us with how you want your calls handled, what process you need for different call types. We then set up your business in our system. You divert your phone line to a DID we give you. When callers call YOUR number, they are diverted to us. We are then able to answer your calls as part of your business.

We already have a phone number, does that matter?

No, in fact, it is our preference that you have a phone number already, either a local landline, 1800, 1300 or mobile. This allows you to have complete control over your lines. All you need to do is divert your phone number to the DID we give you.

We do not have a phone number, can you supply one for us?

No, it is our preference that you have your own phone number so you have complete ownership and control over that number.

Are your receptionists local to Australia?

Yes, all of our receptionists are located in Australia, we do not outsource to other countries with the exception of our resident “Kiwi” Receptionist who lives in New Zealand and services our New Zealand clients and will occasionally help on our Australian lines in times of emergency.

Are you able to answer only some of our calls?

Yes, you simply divert your lines to us when you need us. If it is full-time that you need, you just keep your lines diverted. 

Can you just take messages?

Yes, we have a package for message taking only .

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