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A VR is set up to answer your incoming calls in your company name, make outbound calls, answer FAQs, schedule appointments, cancel and reschedule appointments as well as basic administrative tasks. We are a live reception service.

You simply supply us with how you want your calls handled, what process you need for different call types. We then set up your business in our system. You divert your phone line to a DID we give you. When callers call YOUR number, they are diverted to us. We are then able to answer your calls as part of your business.

No, in fact, it is our preference that you have a phone number already, either a local landline, 1800, 1300 or mobile. This allows you to have complete control over your lines. All you need to do is divert your phone number to the DID we give you.

No, it is our preference that you have your own phone number so you have complete ownership and control over that number.

Yes, all of our receptionists are located in Australia, we do not outsource to other countries with the exception of our resident “Kiwi” Receptionist who lives in New Zealand and services our New Zealand clients and will occasionally help on our Australian lines in times of emergency.

Yes, you simply divert your lines to us when you need us. If it is full-time that you need, you just keep your lines diverted. 

Yes, we have a package for message taking only 

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