Tiffany Mitchell

Social Media Marketer


Tiffany is a Photographer and Social Media Marketer based on the Sunshine Coast. She has a deep passion for portraiture, capturing authentic connection through the lens and showing the subject their true self, which brings her incredible joy.

She completed a Diploma of Social Media Marketing in 2022 because she wanted to learn how to share her business and passion with more people. Along the way, social media has given her an opportunity to help other business owners find their way and support their growth which has really sparked her creative mind.


Emily has a Bachelors Degree of Health Sciences and multiple years working in the medical industry spanning across work in mental health, critical care (ICU), and children with disabilities.

She is passionate about helping people, which is why she originally chose this profession, and will go above and beyond to make sure your needs are taken care of.

She takes pride in her work and loves dealing with problem solving solutions to make your life easier to focus on the work you love.