Virtual Assistant Virtual Business

Hiring an Admin Chief? Have you considered a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants have become quite popular these days because of the monetary benefits that business owners obtain.

Wondering how? Well, it’s the technological advances that have helped many companies rationalise their workforce by hiring virtual assistants and still delivering profitable results.  And why not, when an individual can complete the administrative functions online, from a remote location,  then what’s the need of hiring employees for this job.

Here are just some of the benefits of hiring virtual assistants over conventional office-based employees –

1. Virtual office candidates require no physical workplace, whereas conventional employees require office space to complete the job.

2. When there is no need of a physical workspace for a virtual assistant, certainly there is no need of furniture, fixtures and fittings – as there is with a conventional office.

3. Hiring virtual assistants means there is no need to pay overtime, sick leave, annual leave or superannuation.

4. Just as an employee handles the entire administrative task, a virtual assistant also does the same job.

5. Hiring virtual assistants helps save on network, power, and telephone charges,  whereas an employer needs to invest in these expenses for conventional employees.

So, wouldn’t hiring a virtual assistant be beneficial for your business?