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Hiring an Admin Chief? Have you considered a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants have become quite popular these days because of the monetary benefits that business owners obtain.

Wondering how? Well, it’s the technological advances that have helped many companies rationalise their workforce by hiring virtual assistants and still delivering profitable results.  And why not, when an individual can complete the administrative functions online, from a remote location,  then what’s the need of hiring employees for this job.

Here are just some of the benefits of hiring virtual assistants over conventional office-based employees –

1. Virtual office candidates require no physical workplace, whereas conventional employees require office space to complete the job.

2. When there is no need of a physical workspace for a virtual assistant, certainly there is no need of furniture, fixtures and fittings – as there is with a conventional office.

3. Hiring virtual assistants means there is no need to pay overtime, sick leave, annual leave or superannuation.

4. Just as an employee handles the entire administrative task, a virtual assistant also does the same job.

5. Hiring virtual assistants helps save on network, power, and telephone charges,  whereas an employer needs to invest in these expenses for conventional employees.

So, wouldn’t hiring a virtual assistant be beneficial for your business?

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Virtual Reception Support is Storming the Corporate World

It comes as no surprise that technology is changing the world. For example, currently, businesses are heading towards hiring virtual receptionist services rather than opting for traditional in house receptionists and personal assistants. Interpreting the reason behind this change is really simple – the changing demands of the market and the cut-throat competition. Generally, a virtual assistance or a receptionist is equipped with a wide range of skill set. They are responsible for handling a number of tasks such as customer service, email management, e-commerce management, social media management, and marketing among many other skills.

There are various reasons why different businesses are hiring a virtual receptionist for managing several tasks; they are cost-effective, employ quality service , reduce workload, provide working flexibility, and save money by only paying for the calls/task required and not for downtime during the day etc.

Sounds interesting? Moreover, VOS works remotely, so we don’t require a separate office with all advanced equipment. Things don’t end here, imagine how interesting it would be if you have someone to perform the administrative work in your business, but you need not pay for their health benefits, taxes, lunch breaks and leave entitlements and insurance. Wouldn’t that be great?

Perhaps, all these factors are the root reasons why traditional assistants are also converting into virtual ones. At large, hiring a virtual assistant or receptionist is the best idea for businesses that desire to get professional services without investing a hefty amount.

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3 steps to find the BEST Virtual Assistant!

Searching for a Virtual Assistant is not an impossible task. Rockstar VAs are always around with their Virtual Support. You just have to open your eyes and find the best one to partner with, without adding more stress to yourself.

Follow these 3 tips to find the best one for you now!

  1. Hire as if you will rely on them completely!

While you start the search, make sure that you hire like they are going to do everything. Look for qualities that will make you feel like relying completely on them will not be a mistake. Make sure they are trustworthy, experienced, and they have worked with other clients in the past. Make sure the candidate understands your requirements and workload. Searching for the candidate this way will help you find the right person easily.

  1. Do you really need them?

Most of the time, we just need someone to do our work and the other times it is just current work stress that wants you to hire a virtual assistant. So, check if you really need their services or not. This will be the only thing that will help you to search for the right VA. If you really need assistance, only then will you put the best efforts to reach one.

  1. Testimonials and Online Reviews Work!

So you can always be sure, ask the virtual assistant about their past work and experience in the same field. Testimonials and online reviews are great, as you can always check whether their customers were satisfied with the virtual assistant and the work they supplied.  It’s important that you always check a contact and look at their testimonials on their website.   Did the assistant come to you as a referral from a business colleague, ask the virtual assistant to supply you with a few contacts and call and speak to their past or current clients to understand how they work and if this fits in with your expectations.

Go ahead and try these tips to find the best virtual assistant for your needs today!



One of the main compliments I get is that I am one organised cookie. I always tell my children “Don’t organise the organiser”.

As a business owner, virtual assistant, mother and wife, I need to be organised and have some very basic ways of achieving this. So basic that I want to share with you all in the hope that you too can conquer organisation!

  1. I make a habit of checking my emails 3 times a day – morning, mid afternoon and evening. I enter this into my calendar as “Email Management”. With technology everywhere we look these days, we tend to constantly be checking and responding to emails, social media alerts, etc. This eats up so much of our time, so limiting your email time to just 3 times a day will help you get balance in your day and be more productive.
  2. Another thing I stick by is allocating 30 min each morning to work on my business. I call this “Admin time”. This varies depending on the day, however it is used for writing blogs, setting up my social media for the following week, invoicing, chasing overdue client payments, research, updating my website, interviewing potential team members, etc. I do this back to back with my email checks of a morning and do this before I start any client work so I am clear headed and focused on what I need to do for my business.
  3. I also enter client work time into my calendar – this is active time throughout the day when I work solely on client work. I schedule each client into certain times of the day so they have a constant flow of work from me. This allows me to focus on one client at a time and not over commit.
  4. I make Fridays my fun days by cranking up the tunes on Fridays. I found music motivates me so much and gets me mentally ready for the weekend, helps me switch off over the weekend so I can focus on my family and myself. I also find because I am feeling motivated I pump through my work on Fridays which then helps my energy levels as I feel motivated and energised to take on the world!
  5. I always look at my calendar the week before so I know in my head what I have on and then ensure I look each day in my “Admin time” at what is on the next day so I am well prepared.

So, these are the things I do to try and balance out my workload so I am organised and in control of my business and most importantly, so I can organise my clients and be the best I can be.

Bringing balance to your life!

KC xx



How a VA can bring balance to your life

When I first meet people and they ask what I do, my response is always “I’m a Virtual Assistant”.  To that, I always get “A what?”

Once I explain what it is a VA is and can do, the next question I get is usually “So how does it work?”

Over the past few years there has been much speculation that a VA is an Administration Assistant. This is very misleading as there are many VA’s who do specialise in Administrative Support, however,  a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a specialist in their chosen field.  I, for instance, am an Executive Assistant and Client Director. This is what I love doing and what I excel at. I work with many other VA’s who specialise in other areas such as social media, IT, human resources, administration, proof reading, bookkeeping,  transcription, reception, graphic designers…the list really is endless.

So how is it that these VA’s can bring balance to your business and life? Well, most VA’s would have a discussion with a client before starting work to identify what it is that is needed. Here at Virtual Office Solutions we offer a complementary service consultation where myself as the Director would hold a 30min consult with the client to go over what their objectives are and implement a plan with the client so they can achieve their ultimate goals. Generally, most VA’s have other contacts so that if they can’t service what you need they will more than likely know someone who can.

It must be noted that a VA is not an employee, think of them as a consultant you put on to work their magic in areas that may not be your speciality. A VA will supply their own equipment, pay their own taxes and will not charge super or leave. Most VA’s will charge by the hour however it is becoming more customary that VA’s work on retainer type packages with clients booking in x amount of time per month/week.

To determine how a VA may be able to help you, first think about what it is that YOU love doing in your business and what you excel at. From there, think about the tasks that you are not that overjoyed in doing or items that take you away from running your business, make a list and contact a Virtual Assistant.

Bringing balance to your life!

KC xx