Ideal Clients

Wow what a crazy month it has been!

I have been fortunate enough to sign on 3 new Virtual Reception clients, with all of them being my ideal client. I was unfortunate enough to have a client who I thought was once an ideal client, until they stopped paying me…not so ideal!

I have since fired this client and am still chasing the money for 2 months of Virtual Reception service and around 40hrs of PA service.

One of the new clients, are now advertising on TV. We are taking all the calls that come into the lines. Because of this, we are flat out, so I am going to advertise for a new Virtual Receptionist to come on board and give us a hand.

This got me thinking about what is an “ideal client”. I guess for me I look for clients who will respect myself and my team as partners and not employees. I would hope that my ideal client would also value the work we do for them. An ideal client would also be looking for some sort of balance in their life or business and understand the pressures of running a business and a family. I would certainly be looking for a client whom we can grow with and nurture along the way. Lastly an ideal client pays their invoices on time.

I would be very interested to see what you class as an ideal client?

Bringing balance to your life!

KC xx