How to structure a KILLER services page

Our resident online marketing guru Nicole Hammett, has shared with us tips on how to structure a service page.


Most service based business are selling exactly that.. services (or products). Your Services page needs to work extremely well to really hit home what you do.

It is really important that you service page uses the following formula

  • Clear structure
  • One page per service
  • Make sure the service pages are in logical order
  • Use Headlines
  • Call to actions
  • Lead generation

Clear Structure

This is so important.. Your services page needs to be layout in a well structure format. If you make it too confusing potential client’s won’t understand where they need to go.. and more importantly ‘what you do!’.

So try and keep your sub-pages to a minimum. So when people hover over your Services menu the dropdowns should only go down two levels maximum. Any more and you will confuse people.

One level (category) is ideal!

One Page Per Service

You should have one page per services – very similar to how we have laid out the VOS website.

You should go into detail for each service. So if you offer Social Media services have one page for Facebook and one page for Twitter.

The benefit of having one page per service allows you to customise certain headings and tags within your website that will assist with SEO.

Logical Order

Your service page should definitely be categorised. So if you have more than one service and then services under that be sure that everything is logical for people.

If you run a beauty shop and have different beauty services like hair, makeup and waxing – then be sure to have a category for each.

Then under hair keep all of your hair services on that page. You don’t need to create another subpage for ‘haircuts’. Your website will be way too big and too confusing for anyone to find information.

So keep it simple.

Make Use of Headlines

Headings are a great way to keep your website page flowing in order.

If you have services on the one page then make use of these headlines to break up the page and to make each service stand out.

This is perfect to make certain parts stand out and is perfect to capture the attention of those who skim read.

Call to action

You want people to buy your services right? Well then you need a call to action on EVERY service page.

Have one CTA at the top of the page. I usually put that in my sidebar – a big call now or get a quote button works really well.

Then have another one down the bottom of your page too. This one should stand out as well and make it really easy for people on your page to understand the next step.

Lead Generation

You should have a lead generation form on every service page. While some people are ready to buy straight away others aren’t.

So a simple lead generation form (or subscribe form) is great. Pop that in your side bar at the top of the page with a special offer that they can receive if they give your their email address.

That way they are giving you permission to market to them so when they are ready to buy – you are top of mind.

Bye for now!

Nicole Hammett

Online Marketing Guru and Extraordinaire


Marketing your business

Welcome to 2014!

This year I hope to launch a few new products. In order to do this I need to ensure I have procedures in place for marketing and client contact.

Having a great marking plan can help reach your target market, boost customer sales and get those “word of mouth” referrals we all love.

This week I have been doing research into marketing my business and the best ways to help me achieve my goals for 2014. I don’t have a big marketing budget to be able to spend, so am looking into more cost effective ways to market my business and still keep cash flow in check.

Without clients, a business will not survive. A business needs to understand the value of marketing and understand that people are unlikely to use your service unless they know who you are and what makes you the better choice over some of your competitors.

It’s important to build your brand. In order to do this you need to know who your target audience are, what you have that your competitors don’t have, what your competitors have that you don’t have and what it is you want to achieve.

The next thing to do is to write a marketing plan…yep take out your pen and paper and have a good old fashioned brain storming session. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • How can you meet your target market’s needs?
  • What are your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you in a position where clients can see the benefits of your services?
  • What makes you stand out above the rest?
  • What can you offer that others cant?

From here, it’s time to map out your strategy. This should include ideas on how to market, what channels will be used, what timeframes will be set, what will you need in order to get things moving, will this require a budget (if so, what are the costing’s), will the team need to be motivated in order for them to on-sell and do you need any outside help.

I’m about to start writing my marketing plan for 2014 based on the above research I have done. It’s been a little overwhelming with all the info out there on Marketing Strategies. As I don’t have a big budget, most of my marketing will be done online and face to face networking. I have also been very lucky over the past 4 years and receive most of my work via referral from other/past clients, so I would like to focus a little on this also and offer incentives to current clients….wish me luck!

Bringing balance to your life!