Why use a professional Résumé Writer

Our resident Professional Resume Writer, Cory Edwards has shared with us why people should use a professional resume writer.


If you are currently unemployed, a professionally written résumé significantly increases your chances of getting an interview.  If you’re currently employed, having your résumé written and/or updated by a professional résumé writer ensures you’re prepared for job opportunities should they arise.

How much is your career worth to you?  As a professional résumé writer, I am amazed at how little time and money most spend planning their careers. Most of us spend more time planning a family holiday each year than we do on creating a career strategy (and most of us spend more money on holidays than we would ever spend on planning or advancing our careers). Isn’t your career worth the investment of a professional résumé writer?  Professional résumé writers create résumés everyday and use current concepts and trends that make you more marketable.

Writing a résumé can be a daunting task. It has a style unlike virtually any other document you are likely to write. Consequently, many people rely on either preconceived ideas or stock templates when setting down their credentials, dooming themselves to a mediocre product that will not yield results. Soon, the lack of results translates into earnings lost, and your job search becomes very expensive.  Don’t waste valuable time (and money) by trying to write or update your résumé yourself. Instead, hire someone who does it every day and has a proven track record of getting their clients interviews.

Bye for now!

Cory Edwards

Professional Résumé Writer