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Is hiring a Virtual Executive and Personal Assistant beneficial – Yes/No?

Executive and Personal assistants  help manage the tasks of the entrepreneur at the office, thus helping reduce his/her stress. Besides this, there are a few more benefits of hiring a Virtual Executive and Personal Assistant  – here’s a a better picture –

Saves precious time

Yes, you read it right!  Hiring an assistant helps to add hours to the day of the business owner and management team. This allows them to do other important tasks related to business or personal life. All in all, it helps accomplish more tasks over the day.

Offers assistance within budget

Many owners think that hiring assistants will increase their expenses – it is an hallucination!  In fact, hiring a virtual assistant costs much less than you would expect. There are no PAYG, Super, or leave entitlements.  Say ‘no’ to office space and desk set up. There are no paid breaks and certainly no loss of time from the usual chit chat around the coffee machine. You pay for only the hours your assistant works and don’t have all those overheads.

Provides freedom

Hiring an assistant helps save time so that entrepreneurs and business builders can develop his/her own schedule. After all, there are many things that need to be done and there is usually very little time to accomplish it.  A Virtual Assistant can work remotely from anywhere which means…you guessed it, the entrepreneur and business builders also gain the flexibility to work remotely, on the go, so they are not tied to the office environment.

So, with the above in mind, stop struggling with the day to day tasks that take you away from doing what you love. Hire a Virtual Executive and Personal Assistant


How a VA can bring balance to your life

When I first meet people and they ask what I do, my response is always “I’m a Virtual Assistant”.  To that, I always get “A what?”

Once I explain what it is a VA is and can do, the next question I get is usually “So how does it work?”

Over the past few years there has been much speculation that a VA is an Administration Assistant. This is very misleading as there are many VA’s who do specialise in Administrative Support, however,  a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a specialist in their chosen field.  I, for instance, am an Executive Assistant and Client Director. This is what I love doing and what I excel at. I work with many other VA’s who specialise in other areas such as social media, IT, human resources, administration, proof reading, bookkeeping,  transcription, reception, graphic designers…the list really is endless.

So how is it that these VA’s can bring balance to your business and life? Well, most VA’s would have a discussion with a client before starting work to identify what it is that is needed. Here at Virtual Office Solutions we offer a complementary service consultation where myself as the Director would hold a 30min consult with the client to go over what their objectives are and implement a plan with the client so they can achieve their ultimate goals. Generally, most VA’s have other contacts so that if they can’t service what you need they will more than likely know someone who can.

It must be noted that a VA is not an employee, think of them as a consultant you put on to work their magic in areas that may not be your speciality. A VA will supply their own equipment, pay their own taxes and will not charge super or leave. Most VA’s will charge by the hour however it is becoming more customary that VA’s work on retainer type packages with clients booking in x amount of time per month/week.

To determine how a VA may be able to help you, first think about what it is that YOU love doing in your business and what you excel at. From there, think about the tasks that you are not that overjoyed in doing or items that take you away from running your business, make a list and contact a Virtual Assistant.

Bringing balance to your life!

KC xx