Simone Sargent

Tradie Administration


With more then 5 years experience working with small businesses in trades, construction and coaching, I have developed an analytical and dynamic approach to business management. I understand the importance of ingenuity, passion and hard work when it comes to the success of small businesses.

I have an immense passion in working collaboratively with small businesses to streamline systems and processes, allowing you with the opportunity to focus on your business. I have an
ongoing dedication to increasing my knowledge through my continued studies in a Bachelor of Accounting at CSU, determined to support and develop my professional literacy in all areas of business to support the needs of all my clients.


Emily has a Bachelors Degree of Health Sciences and multiple years working in the medical industry spanning across work in mental health, critical care (ICU), and children with disabilities.

She is passionate about helping people, which is why she originally chose this profession, and will go above and beyond to make sure your needs are taken care of.

She takes pride in her work and loves dealing with problem solving solutions to make your life easier to focus on the work you love.