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We specialize in three areas here at Virtual Office Solutions. Virtual Administration, Virtual Reception and Online Business Management

Frequently Asked Questions

A VA is a business owner who specializes in a particular niche prodemently around administrative support, however can be in areas such as IT, Social Media, Marketing, etc. They have their own ABN and usually work with more than 1 client at a time.

We specialize in 3 areas; Business Management, Administration, and Reception.

We work with Allied Health, trades, professional services, start-ups, online businesses, coaches, entrepreneurs, business builders, driving schools, and construction just to name a few.

We use Google Drive and Dropbox to share files with our clients

We use Lastpass for all logins and password sharing.

There are no overheads, we charge only for the work completed. There are no PAYG, super, leave entitlements. There is no equipment or office outlay.

Our Services


  • An Online Business Manager (OBM) is a thought leader in the space of big picture business management.
  • An OBM manages the day-to-day facilitation of projects, operations, team members, client relationships, and expenses.
  • An OBM manages the core functions of a business to ensure a harmonious relationship between the people. systems. processes and strategy.
  • This also creates time and space for the CEO / Founder to share their vision with their target market and do what they do best. It is important to not get an OBM confused with a Virtual Assistant.
  • An OBM is hired to “manage- the business and people, whereas a Virtual Assistant is hired, possibly by the OBM. to do the ‘doing- of the actual work.


  • Virtual Support (aka Virtual Assistant. VA) is a specialist independent contractor who provides a service, usually in their niche.
  • They are service providers who work from their own location all around the world and work in many areas of small and large businesses.
  • Virtual Support providers can work in many certain areas such as (but not limited to): Administration, Personal /Executive assistant, bookkeeping. graphic design, website, and SEO specialists, marketing, transcription, document formatting. copywriting the list can go on.


  • A Virtual Receptionist is an offsite receptionist who works in their own office (usually home). They act as part of your team and learn all about your business. staff and services so that each call is taken and handled with confidence. knowledge and professionalism.
  • A Virtual Receptionist is able to answer calls in your company name. answer FAQs. provide quotes. transfer calls to your team and schedule appointments by using your online calendar.
  • A Virtual Receptionist can also make outbound calls on your behalf. announcing that they are from your business name, calling clients back. returning voicemail messages and confirming appointments.

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