Working from home can be both amazing and isolating. As an extroverted introvert, I appreciate the comfort of working from home, but I also miss human connection.

One of the ways I maintain a healthy work/life balance is by separating my work and personal life. To achieve this, I have set up a home office space which I use only during weekdays. Whenever I enter that space from Monday to Friday, I consider myself as ‘clocked on’ to work. At the end of each day, I leave that space, close the door, and ‘leave work’ for the day.

I always make sure to get dressed for work each day as if I were actually going to a physical work environment. I never work in my pyjamas, and I always dress as if I could be asked to join a ZOOM/TEAMS meeting at any given moment. Maintaining a professional demeanour for myself not only ensures that I sound professional over the phone, but it also ensures that I look presentable and professional as well. This assists me in “feeling’ professional throughout my work day.

At the end of each day, my body needs movement and some exercise. This is when I do my daily workouts. I’m lucky to attend an amazing gym with the best people who share my mindset. After being isolated at home all day without much physical activity, my body, mind, and spirit crave physical interaction and movement.

Despite my role being virtual, I feel a great rapport with the VOS team. I value each of my colleagues and look forward to ‘seeing’ them each day. I love office days when we have them!

My typical day usually starts with me waking up and grabbing a cup of tea. Since I live just a three-minute walk away from the beach, I walk along the beach everyday weather permitting, with stopping in at my local coffee shop for a takeaway coffee on the way home. Once home I get dressed and ready for work. I make sure to keep myself hydrated throughout the day by having water nearby and generally drink another cup of coffee while logging on for work.

To break up my mornings, I usually have a light snack mid-morning and move around a little. During lunch, I prefer to sit outside or take my lunch to the beach just to get out of the house and separate from work for a while.

By the end of the day, I am definitely looking forward to logging off and engaging in some physical activity.

Just as routine is important to me; maintaining my work equipment is a top priority for me as well. Every Monday morning, I make sure my devices are charged, and all batteries are installed correctly. At the end of each working day, is when I update any software that needs to be updated.

All of these little things help me have a smooth and productive day.

Because I am naturally introverted, I am proactive in maintaining a positive and healthy mindset; I make a conscious effort to leave the house every day to exercise and to catch up with my partner, friends and family.

Hopefully, this gives a little more insight into myself and how I keep myself holistically fit, well and healthy while maintaining a balanced work/ life lifestyle.