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3 steps to find the BEST Virtual Assistant!

Searching for a Virtual Assistant is not an impossible task. Rockstar VAs are always around with their Virtual Support. You just have to open your eyes and find the best one to partner with, without adding more stress to yourself.

Follow these 3 tips to find the best one for you now!

  1. Hire as if you will rely on them completely!

While you start the search, make sure that you hire like they are going to do everything. Look for qualities that will make you feel like relying completely on them will not be a mistake. Make sure they are trustworthy, experienced, and they have worked with other clients in the past. Make sure the candidate understands your requirements and workload. Searching for the candidate this way will help you find the right person easily.

  1. Do you really need them?

Most of the time, we just need someone to do our work and the other times it is just current work stress that wants you to hire a virtual assistant. So, check if you really need their services or not. This will be the only thing that will help you to search for the right VA. If you really need assistance, only then will you put the best efforts to reach one.

  1. Testimonials and Online Reviews Work!

So you can always be sure, ask the virtual assistant about their past work and experience in the same field. Testimonials and online reviews are great, as you can always check whether their customers were satisfied with the virtual assistant and the work they supplied.  It’s important that you always check a contact and look at their testimonials on their website.   Did the assistant come to you as a referral from a business colleague, ask the virtual assistant to supply you with a few contacts and call and speak to their past or current clients to understand how they work and if this fits in with your expectations.

Go ahead and try these tips to find the best virtual assistant for your needs today!

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