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Founded in 2008 by Korryn Cambell


Over this time, Virtual Office Solutions has partnered with not only companies all over the world, involved in successful startups and joint ventures but has also gained the trust of many world renowned entrepreneurs and business builders


Virtual Office Solutions has built a talented, professional and fun team of virtual support staff to ensure we are able to keep up with our clients needs across all facets of business from Reception to administration to online business management.


Virtual Office Solutions was the winner and finalist in the Brilliant Biz Mum Awards 2014 across two separate categories.

What We Do

Facilitation and management of teams, operations, projects, client schedules, and admin tasks are our thing!

We love being able to partner with clients who have similarly aligned values, so we can sink our teeth in to create true transformation and growth in your business.


We are an Online Business Management consultancy firm, partnering with entrepreneurs, startups, thought leaders and business builders to create robust procedures and systems to ensure the smooth and successful running of your business.
We believe strongly in innovation and transformation and this is why we are one of Australia’s leading firms. Facilitation and delivery on solutions that reflect not only our business, but the clients we choose to partner with, are formidable. Our belief, is that first impressions count, and exceptional customer service is paramount for any business to survive. It should be noted that we do not partner with everyone and will only work with those who have similarly aligned values.


We offer a distinctive and personalised service where we work collectively with our clients, however they work directly with their personal Online Business Manager to achieve their business goals and outcomes.

Our Business Manager is supported by our unique, hand selected virtual support team in areas such as day to day operations, digital marketing, project management, administration, customer service, and reception.


Our Visionary and Founder, Korryn Campbell, will personally partner with you as your Business Manager and will work directly with you in the areas she is a thought leader in; Business Management, Project Management and People Management.
Your business manager will then utilise our exclusive, hand-selected team members to analyze, strategize, implement, create, and manage the areas of your business that you need support in. Yes, we are a full-service business management firm.


Online Business Manager


An Online Business Manager (OBM) is a thought leader in the space of big picture business management. An OBM manages the day to day facilitation of projects, operations. team members. client relationships and expenses. An OBM manages the core functions of a business to ensure a harmonious relationship between the people. systems. processes and strategy.

Virtual Support


Virtual Support (aka Virtual Assistant. VA) is a specialist independent contractor who provide a service, usually in their niche. They are a service provider who work from their own location all around the world and work in many areas of small and large business.Virtual Support providers can work in many certain areas such as (but not limited to): Administration, Personal / Executive assistant.

Virtual Reception


A Virtual Receptionist is an offsite receptionist who works in their own office (usually home). They act as part of your team and learn all about your business.

A Virtual Receptionist is able to answer calls in your company name, answer FAQs , provide quotes , transfer calls to your team and schedule appointments by using your online calendar.

Clients We Work With

Hours of Operation

8:00am – 5:00pm


By appointment only

Ph: 07 3518 1401

PO Box 6032

Meridan Plains

QLD 4551



In order for you to get a feel for what we do and for us to determine if our values and business’ are aligned, we offer a FREE, 30-minute, one-on-one discovery call.

Here, we will chat through what your pain points are and the changes you wish to make so we can create a unique and personalised strategy to facilitate Innovation and Thrive in your business