Client Management

Client Management

Client Management is an integral part to any business. It’s easy enough to bring new clients on board but you also need to ensure they are getting the best service and the best possible outcome for their business needs management. This is where our Client Managers come into play. We can ensure the client is happy, respond to client enquiries in a timely fashion and follow up and gather feedback. We can even work with you on creating a robust CRM system to help you keep track of your clients. Some examples of what a client manager may do, but are certainly not limited to, are listed below. Client Management is a never ending piece of string:

• Enquiry responses
• Query emails
• Follow up email
• Customer satisfaction and feedback
• Invoicing
• Appointment Scheduling
• CRM Management
• Sending Birthday and Christmas gifts

Client Management Fees are billed per hour worked and invoiced on a monthly basis. Discount will be given when you bundle two or more services together.

  • Flexibility
  • $55/hour
  • As needed administrative support
  • Hourly rate billed in realtime
  • Platinum
  • $500/week
  • Up to 10 hours per week

  • Quantum
  • $POA
  • Combining any 2 or more services to create a specialised package

  • Hourly rate billed in realtime