Welcome to Virtual Office Solutions (VOS), a funky and vibrant boutique Virtual Assistant business who specialise in ensuring you get absolute quality out of your day whatever that means to you. Its important to us that we collaborate with those who truly seek flexibility in their work and life to ensure  you have the freedom in your life to play!

Here at VOS it is our mission to make sure you are enjoying your work and more importantly getting back some of your life so you can have YOU time.

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to help your business grow with each of out team members individually hand selected by our CEO after working in joint ventures together and supporting clients in team environments for over 5 years.

Here at Virtual Office Solutions we take ownership of ensuring you get that time back and not only enjoy life, but enjoy whatever it is you may be doing for a living. We strongly believe in work/life balance and work around our own lives whilst ensuring our clients get to work around theirs…it’s a win win situation all round! When contacting Virtual Office Solutions (VOS), you and our Client Director will talk about the requirements of your business, what you want to achieve and what direction you want your business to move in. Together you will discuss services and fees so a mutual arrangement can be made. Upon our Client Director gathering information about your business and personal needs we will then be able to match you with a VA (or team of VA’s) from our team that is suited to YOUR business needs. We understand that no business is the same and not all VA’s will be a good match for your particular needs. This is an important step in our process and one we want you to be comfortable with.

Once you have been matched with your ideal VA, an initial conversation will be set up between yourself, our Client Director and your potential VA. This is a good time to get to know your VA and go over what the role will entail. It’s also a good chance for you to ask some recruitment questions if you like and the VA in return, to ask you some questions if they have any. Once you and your VA have spoken, you will be sent a proposal and service agreement and we are ready to get started with your work.

You will have direct contact with your VA at all times. Our Client Director will check in with you on a rotating basis to ensure you are getting the service level you require. Because there are many VA’s within Virtual Office Solutions your VA will be backed up by another team member for times of leave. This means you are always covered, no matter what! So if you feel you need an assistant or a new staff member for any job description but can’t afford to hire a permanent staff member, you now know that there is a flexible and affordable option for you.

Let us partner with you and help to make your business be the best it can be!


What are our Core Values?

Here at VOS we pride ourselves in our Team and their ability to task and time manage at an executive and unique level. Our Virtual Assistants each come with a unique skill set that we are proud of here at VOS HQ.

Each one of our VA’s has been hand picked to ensure a good fit with our culture within the team and our clients.

Our Virtual Assistants (VA’s) are all specialists in their chosen field and abide by our Company Values that are:

  • Honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned at all costs
  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is essential
  • Integrity in practicing the highest ethical standards
  • Quality, reflection not only in our work but in everything we touch
  • Supporting our team and our clients to achieve maximum potential
  • A belief that family is of fundamental importance and should always come first
  • Communication is the key